Rosati’s Pizza of Streamwood established in 1998.

We are carry-out, delivery, and catering experts. We have been providing great food and great service since 1998. Our food and service are likely better than you will find at most other Rosatis’ locations, other chains or mom and pops because we care. A good amount of this food is our own recipe. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unequaled. After working for the Rosati family since 1976, first as a delivery driver, then in 1985 as manager of Chicago Pizza Authority in Palatine, and then Rosati's of Algonquin and Mount Prospect, I had the opportunity to own my own location. I personally designed the layout of the shop and implemented a system to make it easy for the staff to work efficiently, borrowing ideas from all my previous experience. I have personally overseen the operations of the store since that time, and along with my management staff we continue to serve the community with great food and excellent customer service. That is our intention, to provide excellence. The store is well staffed, and I pay the employees better than most food service establishments. As a result this, the food you get at our establishment may not be the least expensive food available, but it may be among the best. Also, you may find the level of attention to detail in the food and service provided to be better than you have received elsewhere. We hope so. Here is to your enjoyment.


Our basic philosophy is, 'we want you to love our food, your experience with us, and our service'.

If you already do, thank you for your patronage. It is very much appreciated by all of us here. Please spread the word and help us grow by writing reviews about us on Yelp, Google, YellowBook, Dex, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

We strive to provide quality food and service. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Should you experience any problem with your order, please phone the manager immediately to seek a resolution. If you feel the issue is unresolved or would like to voice other concerns or complaints, please email me directly at email us. You may also use this email to give us feedback, and to pay compliments.

We can be reached during normal business hours at 630-837-1515.

We love feedback from our customers, both good and bad, as this gives us an opportunity to examine what we are doing right and what we may be doing wrong. Please feel free to email any concerns or suggestions. We would be most appreciative if you could turn your amazing experience with us into testimonials on our website.

We recycle
We use green energy
We use Trans-Fat-free oil to fry
We buy the best ingredients available in the market
We train our staff well and supervise operations
We get consistently high scores on health inspections
We make many items in the menu from scratch, daily
We love to eat our food and hope you will find it as delicious as we do
We are committed to your satisfaction
We like to see you smile

Message from management

If you would like to contact me personally, please leave a detailed message with one of my staff, including your name, contact information, and the reason why you want to get in touch with me. If it concerns a specific order, please leave the date of the order, and ticket number, if possible or just Email me directly.

Come see our beautiful new mosaic "Dolce Far Niente", Italian for "how sweet to do nothing" by Laurie Peters in our entry foyer



What is the best method for reheating leftover pizza?

Preheat a non-stick fry pan, yes, you are going to pan fry your slices (does not work with deep dish, for that you have to use your toaster oven)
Place pizza slices, ‘cheese side down’, on hot pan surface (no oil needed if non-stick surface*)
Allow cheese to heat up or brown it as you like, check with your spatula
Flip slices over to crisp the crust
Remove from pan before you burn it
Enjoy your pizza, almost better than fresh out of the pizza oven.
*Teflon is not recommended
Reheating method courtesy of Mark Klein.

What are your specialties & which menu items do you recommend?

I am not sure what to order, do you have any recommendations?
Some exceptional signature items unique at our location include:
Lasagna – A large piece, 4 layers of ribbon noodles with 4 types of cheese, served with a full garlic bread.
Meat sauce – Thick and rich, loaded with ground beef and ground pork (an additional $1.99 on any pasta).
Fettuccini Alfredo or Penne Con Pollo. Our Alfredo sauce is rich and satisfying
Pizza Bread. We sell remarkably few, but one of my favorite items since childhood. Think pizza on french bread. Crusty, delicious, economical, and relatively quick.
Chicken Parmigiana. Sandwich or pasta, we hand batter and bread these generous 5-ounce breasts. Served with our delicious homemade marinara sauce.
Meatball sandwich on garlic bread with cheese. 3 of our homemade meatballs smothered in our homemade marinara sauce, then smothered with mozzarella cheese. Go ahead and add some hot giardiniera.
Bruschetta – This is real Italian, just like you would get at the fancy restaurant but better. Generous portions of plum tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic and fresh basil on our outstanding garlicky garlic bread (try it with melted mozzarella for a twist).
Our phenomenal Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago style). Super thick buttery crunchy crust loaded with extra cheese, your ingredient choices, and heavy on the gourmet seasoned chunky tomato sauce. A Chicago Style Deep dish like you remember from childhood. More sauce, more cheese, and butter crust.

Why is your food better than the other Rosati’s we have tried?

While many Rosati stores share product sources and recipes, there are no stringent/set standards that must be followed. Therefore the products at different locations may vary. Irrespective of the fact that we use the same recipes and same product sources, you may find our pizza or pasta better, for various reasons, such as using enough sauce (“our regular sauce is their extra sauce”), adequate training and supervision, and most importantly, we prepare our food with ‘love’. Yes, we love our food and our customers, and we care. We want the food to be as awesome as possible for both our own palate and yours.

Can I order online?

Absolutely, we now offer online ordering directly through this website. Please click this LINK to place your order during our normal business hours. Please be aware that normal pick up time is 25-30 minutes for most items, 30-35 minutes for Pan pizza, 35-40 minutes for Chicago Style Deep Dish. Our normal delivery time is usually from 45 minutes up to an hour. However due to unexpected business surges, traffic and weather conditions pick up and delivery times may be extended, we always try to catch this and give an honest appraisal of expected times when phoning in your order and speaking directly with us, but there is no way to indicate this when ordering online.

What is your Sponsorship Program?

The program, ‘Rosati’s of Streamwood Sponsorship’, is a new program to earn cash back for purchases. Just sign up for your club, school, church, team or civic organizations, and receive a check for 5% of all net sales attributed to your organization, quarterly. Please contact our manager for more information. The organizations that are presently under the program include Streamwood Boys Football Association, Streamwood High School Athletic Booster Club, Hanover Countryside PTA, and Streamwood Historical Society.

Why don’t you have what other Rosatis have?

Most of the stores/stores are franchises, they are not corporately owned. Individual stores are separately owned, and standards are set by the owners. Food, prices, policies, and offers vary from location to location. While this can be confusing, it does allow for excellence and individuality to shine through, as we hope you will ‘taste’ in our case. We are sorry if we do not carry your favorite potato skins or other options that you may have had at other locations, however, we are sure that they do not have a chicken parmigiana like ours! Even our garlic bread knocks out the competition flat. We use two times the Parmesan & garlic powder on our GB than others. Please give us a try, we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

Why don’t you accept other Rosati coupons?

While we accept any Rosati coupon for one of ‘our’ offers, we may not accept it for one of ‘their’ offers. We are separately owned stores. Our food, service, prices and policies vary from location to location. We may, however, bend, and accept a deep discount coupon if you can pay cash, in order to help reduce excessive credit card fees. Please ask regarding your specific request. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Why are your prices higher than other local pizza shops?

The prices are neither the steepest nor the lowest. We set the price in line with the current costs of commodities and other business expenses. We offer coupons and other discounts. It actually helps us to remain competitive in the market. However, in the end, the store must remain profitable to the owner or it would become like the other corporate owned pizza chains, where you often receive less value for your dollar, that is, low-quality food. If you are seeking bargain basement pricing, this may not be the right spot for you. However, if you are seeking the best in quality, and service, our place is the right choice for you. Remember, our ‘rewards members’ save 15-25% (with coupons) bringing the price of this higher quality product in line with our competitors. Our ‘rewards’ members (all of them) averaged 500$ in weekly discounts for the month of March 2014!

We are well staffed, and our employees are paid a wage higher than the national average, and they get vacations.

We suggest ordering from us once, try the competition, and then decide if we are worth it. We do buy the best, freshest ingredients that are available in the market. Our portions are generous. We use a lot of homemade quality products you are unlikely to find in a corporate chain. Take for instance our chicken Parmegiana. We use high-quality 5-ounce chicken breasts that we hand batter and bread ourselves. You will find the quality same as that of a fine dining establishment. Our pasta portions feed 1-2 people and come with a full-size garlic bread, not a breadstick like they serve in some locations.

Can we substitute ingredients on your specialty pizzas?

Yes, but only one. The combination specialty pizza choices are there to make ordering easy for you and the correct making of the pizza easy for us. We can make any pizza you would like in any combination. If you request more than one change to the combination pizzas, we may need to place the order as individual items. We need to keep the ordering process as simple as possible in order to guarantee that you receive exactly what you would like.

We are now pleased to offer you the option of substituting one single ingredient for a like-priced single ingredient on our specialty pizzas.

You may also add any items (at an additional cost) or remove items (no price reduction, the price is already substantially reduced on these pizzas) from these specialty combo pizzas.

What is your delivery area, and do you have a sit-down/eat-in facility?

We only provide carry-out and delivery services. We deliver to all of Streamwood, and parts of Bartlett, Elgin, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, and Schaumburg. We try to keep our delivery radius within 5 miles. Unlike some other locations that have virtually no boundaries, we like to limit our area so we may provide better service to our clientele with faster and hotter deliveries. Occasionally we make exceptions, such as when it is not too busy or if it is a very large order. If you are further away, please call well in advance to see if we may deliver to you and if we can accommodate your order.

Why do you charge for delivery, and am I required to tip the drivers?

Our drivers are not high school students looking for extra spending money. All of our delivery personnel are adults trying to make ends meet through a second or third job, and for some, this is their primary source of income. Please be generous with them, just as you would with the wait staff at a store. We suggest 15-20% tip. They may be bringing your food from across the street or from miles away. They pay for their own gas, and you know how expensive that is. So if you are 4 or 5 miles away from us, please be extra generous. They do appreciate it. In any case, we offer a free delivery coupon on most advertisements and our menu, please use this if you desire to offset your tip. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

How long does delivery take and/or why did my order arrive late (or early) even when I specified the time I wanted it?

Our normal delivery time for a regular order is “within or up to an hour”. We attempt to arrive no more than 45-60 minutes from when you have placed your order. However, due to general business, traffic, and weather concerns, times may vary. We make every attempt to inform you as soon as possible if we are running late. We will accept requests for a specific delivery time but ask for a 10-minute window of arrival. When you specify a certain time, as a result of traffic, weather, and business conditions, all of which can change suddenly, there may be a delay in your order or it may arrive early. It is not always the driver’s fault if your delivery is late. They appreciate your understanding.

Do you stand behind your product and service, what is your policy regarding complaints?

Absolutely. Our primary goal is your satisfaction. Not only so you will return again, but because we care even if you are passing through and enjoying a one-time order. After all, we also like to eat out and enjoy great food and service, so we try to deliver that to you too, every time. However, we are human, and occasionally, mistakes may happen. Please call at the time you receive any items that are not to your liking. The management staff and I myself will try to make things right. We generally function under a refund or replace policy. If you simply did not like the food or it is not what you ordered or it is overcooked or your are not satisfied for any other reason and want your money back, if you return at least 80% of the item, we will refund your full purchase price (you must return the item(s) yourself if you want a refund after the item(s) have been delivered). Likewise, if you want it replaced we will be happy to make it over and send it as soon as possible, and we will pick up the other food item in question (also mostly uneaten, unless other arrangements are made by the management). Please keep in mind that this may take a little time. If you are not completely happy, but will keep the food and/or do not want to wait for another replacement, at the discretion of the management, we will issue a credit under your phone number that you may apply in your next order.

Do you accept checks?

We are sorry, no personal checks are accepted at our location. This is because, in the past, we had to deal with a lot of checks that got returned NSF or as a result of the account being closed. We do, however, accept Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover. However the card must be present physically during pick up, and for delivery, we will run the number over the phone, but it must be presented to the driver for security verification, to avoid CC fraud. Thank you for your understanding

Why are there new higher prices when I just got a menu a month ago with lower prices?

Menu prices are always subject to change, and we always quote the price when you place the order, so that is the time to decide if the price is okay for you. We distribute the menu via mail on a weekly basis. We apologize if the increase seems sudden after receiving your previous menu. We offer coupons and other discounts to remain competitive and give everyone a chance to enjoy our great food. We do buy the best, freshest ingredients we are able to. Our portions are generous. We use many homemade quality products you are unlikely to find in any other establishment. The dollar amount may seem like a lot but if you break it down, an extra large pizza with 2 toppings is less than $25 which will feed at least 4 persons. That is less than $7 per person, less than what you have to pay for a good deli sandwich. Give us a try and we know you will be pleased.

Do you sell pizza by the slice?

Yes, but they are not always available. It is a good idea to phone ahead to see if we have any as we are not a high foot-traffic strip center, and there is too much waste. If there are no slices, why not order a pizza bread, they are awesome and usually take about 10 minutes to make. If you would like to order 2 or more slices in advance we will probably make them for you. Just give us a call at 630-837-1515, and check.

Why are there still charges to my credit card when I canceled my order?

All credit card companies do what is called a pre-authorization at the time of the sale. If the sale goes through, at the end of the day, the funds are scheduled to be transferred to us, but we do not see the transfer into our account for 2-3 days. If you cancel your order and the sale is cancelled before the end of the business day, we do not get those funds. Your credit card company holds your funds in that pre-authorized state also for about 2-3 days. This is what all banks do, it is not under our control. We dislike this, and them, as much as you do.

Why was I put on hold for minutes when I called to place my order, and the order taker was not pleasant?

Our goal, besides providing great food, is outstanding customer service. It is just not always possible to achieve, but we do our best. Sometimes it may be too busy for us to get to you as quickly as we would like or perhaps we are short on staff on a particular day. Under those conditions, it can be enormously stressful, and it is often difficult to be as pleasant as we would like. We can only ask for your understanding of the possible pressure we are experiencing out of the ordinary. Normally you should be on hold as brief as possible, and we do strive to be friendly, courteous, and patient at all times. If you feel your order taker was rude, discourteous or unprofessional, please inform us. We always appreciate feedback to assist us to improve our service and your experience with us.

Can we use Rewards for our catering order and does catering count towards rewards?

we are sorry but due to the discounted price of the catering offerings and the continued high cost of commodities we regret that rewards do not accrue with catering sales and rewards points may not be redeemed toward catering. “Coupons, rewards redemption, points accumulation, & sign up discount not applicable with catering options”


“ we have provided free meal to many organizations in our delivery area, donate regularly to Charitable organizations, contribute food items to local food pantries, and…"